Our History

Assured Life Association carries with it a rich history and noble beginnings.

Assured Life Association was founded in 1890 and incorporated under the laws of the State of Colorado in January of 1891 as a fraternal benefit society. Since those early years of a founding father sharing his dream to abolish destitution and distress through the essential elements of fraternity and life insurance, Assured Life Association continues to focus on its mission: To use the power of ingenuity and the spirit of community to create financial security and value for our members.


Assured Life Association's early beginnings can be traced to a meeting at the Windsor Hotel in Denver, Colorado in April of 1890.  In June of that same year, founders FRED A. FALKENBERG and JOSEPH CULLEN ROOT met with others in the Paxton Hotel in Omaha, Nebraska for the purpose of officially formalizing the Fraternal Benefit Society. Assured Life Association, having had other corporate names in these early beginnings, has been and continues to be, a non-profit, nonpolitical, nondiscriminatory organization.

Over the years, Assured Life Association witnessed panics, disasters, World Wars I and II, the Great Depression, the Korean Conflict and the Vietnam War. The Society today is a stronger organization due to those who guided it through these formative years. Now, as in the past, members are grouped into local chapters that pitch in when disaster strikes to relieve suffering and distress. In addition, they meet regularly, elect their own officers and carry on their own business, social, fraternal and charitable activities.

In the years following its founding, there have been drastic changes in our way of life, family needs and in the way those needs are met. As a result, Assured Life Association is challenged to continue performing a vital role for our members. Today, the Society is a not-for-profit Life Insurer organized to give back revenues to its member customers through direct benefits such as college scholarships and summer camp grants for youth and through discounts on other products and services. The Society also has a member-directed matching charitable giving program as a means to contribute to those charitable organizations for which our members are passionate about. Four national community service projects are promoted among Society member customers each year.

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Facts on Aging

Per the Population Reference Bureau, among people age 65 and older in 1965, only 5 percent had completed a bachelor’s degree or more. By 2014, this share had risen to 25 percent.
Population Reference Bureau

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