Activity Tracking Form

Use this form to report each one of your chapter activities throughout the year and the home office will track, tabulate and combine all of your activity reports at the end of year. If recorded immediately following an activity, this reporting tool eliminates the need for the chapter Secretary to track the number of events and hours for the annual report/survey. The home office will do it for you.

Complete a separate form for each separate activity; unless you combine activities in one day or evening; a chapter business meeting with a member social event or community service event, for example. Then you can complete one tracking form for all. Only the Financial Report and Report of Officers will still be required at the end of the year if you use this tracking form throughout the year.

Two Major Categories of Activities:
Fraternal Social/Fellowship Activities are those activities necessary to maintain the local chapter as an organizational unit such as chapter business meetings or officer meetings and those undertaken for the socializing and fellowship of members like anniversary parties, celebrating ethnic traditions, attending a baseball game, etc. 
Community Service Events are those activities that assist needy individuals, non-profit organizations or improve the community-at-large, including all planning and organizing meetings. Complete a separate form for each separate activity; planning/organizational meeting, event itself, delivery of collected items (for food drives, school supply drives, toy drive, etc.).

Enter security code:
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Major Category of Activity/Event (check both if they apply - a business meeting followed by a community service event, for example):

If your activity is a community service event, select the type of service below:

Specific Activity Type (check all that apply):

For Chapter Business Meeting:

For Member Social/Fellowship Event:

For Community Service Event - Food Drive-Operation Santa's Elves-Join Hands Day-Other Community Service:

Additional Information for National Food Drive Event:

Additional Information for Operation Santa's Elves Event:

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