Quick Links to Direct Member Benefits


This is a list of member benefits available directly to benefit members.  Different than member discounts, these benefits are absolutely free.


Seniors' Scholarship Program - $100 scholarship for seniors taking a short-term educational class.

  Newborn Protection Benefit - death benefit of $2,500 upon the death of benefit members' newborn child - stillborn and/or miscarriage benefits of $1,000 or $1,500 as well.

National College Scholarship Program - cash scholarship awards ranging from $500-$2,500.


Medical Assistance Benefit - provides up to $2.500 in out-of-pocket expenses relating to diagnoses and disability from MS or Tuberculosis.

Educational Online Resource Toolkit - additional college scholarship search engines and other resources for college-bound students.


Growth Ring Matching Gift Program - Society matches charitable giving up to $250 per member per year.

Summer Camp Grant Program - $100 maximum camp grant awarded to each camper.


Seniors' Investigative Team - research benefit for seniors regarding issues related to being a senior.

Assistance to Orphaned Children - financial assistance to the guardians of orphaned children of benefit members.