2018 Scramble to End Hunger Results

In conjunction with its national member food drive for 2018, Assured Life Association sponsored a “mail-in” scramble golf tournament. We were pleased with our first effort with this kind of tournament. Teams were to choose a 72-par golf course in their area to play and submit their total score to the tournament home office. Each team paid $60 to enter the tournament with all proceeds donated to Feeding America. 

Assured Life had 4 teams enter the tournament, for a total of $240 in registration fees going directly to Feeding America to help in its battle against hunger.  They included Team Tanya of Eaton, CO, Girls Gone Golfing of Littleton, CO, Happy Hour Hackers of Castle Rock, CO and the Huskerteers of  Castle Rock, CO and Blair, NE.

In their first ever Scramble to End Hunger Golf Tournament, teams were required to use each team members’ drive at least 4 times in the 18-hole round and could not use consecutive shots by any one player. This added some challenge to the tournament and, perhaps, evened the playing field a bit.  There were grumblings about these rules at first, but teams soon embraced them.

The winner of our 1st ever Scramble to End Hunger was Team Tanya of Eaton, CO. The team played the Eaton Country Club in Eaton, Colorado. This team brought home the championship trophy and a year’s worth of bragging rights with an impressive 7 under par score of 65!  Way to go Team Tanya!

2nd place belongs to our team made up of 1 golfer from Castle Rock, CO and 3 from Blair, NE; the Huskerteers. With a score of 69, or 3 under par, the team vows to better their performance at next year’s tournament.

Girls Gone Golfing of Littleton, CO, an all female team, and the Happy Hour Hackers of Castle Rock, CO, an all male team, tied for 3rd place on our leader board with a 1 under par score of 71.

According to the rules, the longest drive would break any tie; however that hardly sounds fair when you have an all male team competing with an all female team for the tie breaker. Someone didn’t think these rules all the way through before making the rule! So, we are leaving the results as a tie for 3rd place.

Team Tanya graciously donated the $260 prize money back to Assured Life Association for the benefit of Feeding America. Thank you Team Tanya!

With the registrations of $240 and the prize money of $260, the Scramble to End Hunger Golf Tournament donated $500 to Feeding America. This donation will provide 5,000 meals, or 6,000 lbs of food, to families in need through the Feeding America network of food banks. A great 1st year for this event with hopes of next year being even better!

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