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Vision: To honor our promises to pay.

Mission: To use the power of ingenuity and the spirit of community to create financial security and value for our members.

Assured Life Association was founded under a single plan to bring together a community of caring individuals looking for the assurance of life insurance coverage as well as the opportunity to help others. The Society is a not-for-profit life insurance provider offering life insurance, annuities and Medicare Supplement insurance to its members. From profits earned, Assured Life gives back to its members many advantages including college scholarships, summer camp grants and matching charitable giving; and through discounts on other products and services. Four national volunteer projects are promoted among Society member customers each year.

A stable, different kind of organization, Assured Life Association has been working with member customers for more than a century for their benefit, not for shareholders.

Hospitality | Service | Loyalty | Protection

We spring from these values that were established when our Society was founded - the values we have nurtured and adhered to since 1890.

Hospitality - represents the community of member customers joining together in common interests, values, visions, ideas, friendship, ethnic background, goals and community service.

Service - represents giving back to the community through member-directed service projects and campaigns.

Loyalty - represents faith in God, an undivided allegiance to our country and the belief in and commitment to community.

Protection represents reliable individual life insurance products that serve the family.

We are good neighbors. From these core values we have created a culture of trust with our members, and with each other.

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Facts on Aging

One in four older adults experiences some mental disorder including depression, anxiety disorders, and dementia. This number is expected to double to 15 million by 2030.

National Council on Aging

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    Assured Life cultivates resources that are designed to help families care for their loved ones and empower older adults to live healthier lives.

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