Young Estate Starter

Single Premium Increasing Convertible Term to Age 25 Life Insurance

  • Issue Ages 0-18
  • $395 single premium to age 25;plus $12 dues
  • Starts with $10,000 of term life insurance coverage to age 18
  • Increases to $25,000 of term insurance coverage from age 18 to 25
  • At age 25-certificate automatically converts to permanent whole life insurance with a $100,000 face amount without having to provide further evidence of insurability-premiums begin at time of conversion
  • Purchase up to 3 units of coverage

Not Available in all States.  Click Here for Available States.

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Young Estate Starter Certificate Forms SPT 2008-A (2013), SPT 2008-A, SPT 2008-AR, SPT 2008-MO, SPT 2008-NE,SPT 2008-MT (1-15), SPT 2008-OK, SPT 2008-OR (1-15), SPT 2008-PA, SPT 2008-SD, SPT 2008-VA, SPT 2008-UT (1-15)

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Facts on Aging

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Sherrie Mcgregor, Ph.D. (PsychCentral)

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