Charitable Matching Gift Program

Individuals who are benefit members of Assured Life Association are eligible to apply for up to $250 per year in matching charitable gifts to non-profit charities or organizations. Individual donations will be matched with a check issued by Assured Life Association and mailed directly to the charity or organization along with the personal check from the benefit member. If a member has made a donation online, the Society will accept a copy of the receipt of the online donation attached to the matching gift request form in place of a personal check made out to the charity; as long as it occurs in the same calendar year.

Donations can be made in a single amount of $250 or in separate, multiple donations made through-out the year totaling $250; as long as each donation is at least $50.

Entities recognized by the IRS as existing for religious, charitable, scientific, literary or educational purposes, or for the prevention of cruelty to children and animals are eligible to receive donations and matching gifts. However, matching gifts to a church must be for a specific mission of the church rather than a contribution to its general fund or general offering. The individual must specify the organization and address to whom the matching gift is being made by completing a matching gift request form and attaching a personal check made payable to the specified charity or organization or receipt of an online donation to the specified charity or organization.

Growth Ring Matching Gift Request Form

Printable Growth Ring Matching Gift Flyer



Facts on Aging

Per the Assisted Living Federation of America, an estimated 1 in 10 senior citizens are victims of elder abuse; the intentional acts by a caregiver that lead to physical, psychological, or emotional harm.
Assisted Living Federation of America

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