Annual Report of Officers

Deadline is March 31, 2019

Please note that the Society MUST have an Electronic Contact or E-Contact for each Chapter.  This E-Contact may be a current officer or an individual member so designated by the chapter; however the individual must have internet and email capabilities and be willing to download chapter reports or newsletters sent by the Society electronically, or complete reports online on behalf of the chapter.  All Officers with email addresses will still receive electronic notices and the fraternal link newsletter via that email even though someone else is designated as the E-Contact.

Note:Items in bold print are required to be answered. Your submission will not go through if one of these questions is not answered. For officer positions not filled, leave all fields for that position blank.

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Facts on Aging

Per Sherrie Mcgregor, Ph.D. (PsychCentral), exercise programs do generally produce improvements, often dramatic ones, even among very elderly participants. For example, one researcher reported that 80-year olds and 90-year olds who had completed a 10-week strength-training program showed more than a 100 percent increase in their strength, and significant increases in their walking speed and stair climbing ability.
Sherrie Mcgregor, Ph.D. (PsychCentral)

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