Finish Line Annuity

Instead of watching the dollars you've saved for your retirement diminish, watch your funds grow with the Finish Line Annuity.

The Finish Line Annuity is a retirement annuity that offers a fixed interest rate and the flexibility of making premiums as frequently, or infrequently, as you wish. And your interest accumulations in the Finish Line Annuity are tax deferred. So, whether you are planning to leave your annuity to a loved one or convert it to income later, the Finish Line Annuity helps you cross that finish line, easy and secure.

Our Finish Line Member Annuity is available for an initial premium as low as $500. The current interest rate for the Finish Line Member Annuity is 2.50% for all levels of annuity values. And the interest is guaranteed to never drop bellow 2.5%.

Other Features:

  • Free withdrawals of up to 10% per year allowed after the first certificate year.
  • Surrender charges waived for partial surrender of your annuity if you or your spouse require extended care after the first certificate year (limitations apply and not available in all states). 

*Surrender charges apply in the first 9 years for early surrender

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Not available in all states.  Click Here for Available States.

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