2020 Board Election Results

2020 Board Election Results

In accordance with Section 5 of the Bylaws of Assured Life Association, “Should the number of board nominees nominated by the Nominating Committee equal the number of Board positions open to be filled, the Secretary of the Society shall cast a unanimous ballot on behalf of all Benefit Members and all board nominees declared elected without referendum by Benefit Members.”

For the 2020 board election, four board positions shall be elected. The Nominating Committee received four applications for the four board positions up for election. The Nominating Committee nominated all four applicants by a unanimous vote. The applicants were as follows:

  1. Douglas H Oury
  2. Chris A York
  3. Charles R Cloud
  4. Tanya S Unrein

In accordance with the Bylaws, I, Diane L. Muller, Secretary of Assured Life Association, a Fraternal Benefit Society organized and existing under the laws of Colorado and having its principal place of business at Greenwood Village, Colorado, do hereby cast a unanimous ballot on behalf of all Benefit Members in connection with the 2020 election, and declare Charles R. Cloud, Douglas H. Oury, Tanya S. Unrein, and Chris A. York elected to the Board of Directors for the four-year term, January 1, 2021 – December 31, 2024.

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Per Moves for Seniors, since 1960, life expectancy has increased by three and a half years.
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