Food Build


Assured Life Association is sponsoring another Chapter Food Build this year in conjunction with the National Member Food Drive. This is a way chapters can earn a minimum of $100 from the home office for their food banks AND involve members in a fun event!

If you have a member food drive, please consider including a Food Build in your event plans.  It gets your members involved and excited about the event.  Take the cans and boxes of food and other food items collected and build something out of them; like building blocks.  Take pictures of your food build throughout the process and one of the final structure and submit those pictures to the home office by December 14, 2017 along with a completed food build form.  The food build form can be completed online here.

Step 1. Build-Create a Food Build structure

Step 2. Share-Share pictures of your Food Build with the Home Office

Step 3. Earn-Earn at least $100 for your local food bank

If your chapter includes a Food Build in its Member Food Drive Event and sends pictures of its creation to the home office, the home office will donate at least $100 to your local Food Bank. Perhaps not as exciting as a contest, but just as effective for local food programs. Everyone that does a Food Build wins! We will share all Food Build entries on our website and blog and through member emails.

Last year, DBIA Lodge 29 in Seattle, WA and DBIA Lodge 348 in Eugene, OR participated and earned their food banks a $250 donation from the home office this past year! Check out their Food Builds!

Members and friends of DBIA Lodge 29 in Seattle collected and brought their food donations to the lodge’s annual Veteran’s Night Party and after dinner the “official lodge designer” led her volunteer builders in the construction of our annual Lodge Food Build. This year’s theme is the Royal Copenhagen porcelain logo found on the bottom of every piece of china made by the company. One lodge member, Frank Poulsen, has huge support in his own neighborhood gathering over one half of our total collection. The Lodge gathered 839 lbs of food valued at approximately $1,678. The food was donated to HopeLink.

With the combined creativity of Mary Stefansen and Joan Cavin, members of DBIA Lodge 348 in Eugene, OR created a Viking ship; complete with a couple of Vikings! As always, the entire structure was made with canned, boxed or packaged food. Okay, not the beards. Food cans were wrapped in brown paper to represent the Viking Ship. This is a fun event for their entire lodge which gleaned 478 lbs of food valued at $775. The food was donated to Food for Lane County.

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Per Sherrie Mcgregor, Ph.D. (Everyday Health), the elderly generally show very high interest in associating with friends and close family members. What they show less interest in than younger adults is the expansion of their social networks to make new friends.
Sherrie Mcgregor, Ph.D. (Everyday Health)

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