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Assured Life Association is sponsoring another Chapter Food Build this year in conjunction with the National Member Food Drive. This is a way chapters can earn a minimum of $100 from the home office for their food banks AND involve members in a fun event!

If you have a member food drive, please consider including a Food Build in your event plans.  It gets your members involved and excited about the event.  Take the cans and boxes of food and other food items collected and build something out of them; like building blocks.  Take pictures of your food build throughout the process and one of the final structure and submit those pictures to the home office by December 15, 2021 along with a description that includes the number of members and nonmembers involved, the total pounds of food collected, the approximate value of the total food collected and the number of hours spent on the food drive and food build.  A food build form can be completed online here.

Step 1. Build-Create a Food Build structure

Step 2. Share-Share pictures of your Food Build with the Home Office

Step 3. Earn-Earn at least $100 for your local food bank

If your chapter includes a Food Build in its Member Food Drive Event and sends pictures of its creation to the home office, the home office will donate at least $100 to your local Food Bank. Perhaps not as exciting as a contest, but just as effective for local food programs. Everyone that does a Food Build wins! We will share all Food Build entries on our website and blog and through member emails.

In 2019, 2 chapters participated in the Food Build event; each earning $250 to the Food Bank or Food Program of their choosing; just for participating!

Each year the members of Danish Brotherhood Lodge 348 in Eugene, Oregon collect canned and boxed food during the year to, once again, be shaped into another amazing food build structure.  

DBIA Lodge’s design/engineer team of Mary Stefansen, Dorthe Pettigrew and Joan Cavin came up with the plan and then members assisted in covering all the cans with construction paper to achieve the correct color for the design. This year, lodge members built a windmill surrounded by green trees and more containers of food. The “wings” of the windmill are a cleverly disguised “Yarn Swift” when fully extended and covered with bags of microwave popcorn attached with plastic wrap are a very effective part of the windmill. Artwork was added to represent the windows and entrance door to the windmill.

Over 400 lb. of food was donated to our local food bank Food for Lane County. Another great food build and event, Eugene!

As part of Seattle Danish Brotherhood Lodge 29’s yearly Veteran’s Night Party honoring long time members, members were asked to collect and bring food donations to the event. The Chapter’s Himmelbjerget Campers Peter, Max, Sandra, Derek and Maija show off their 2019 Food Build handiwork designed by their “official” build architect, Annelise Kromann. This year the Chapter honored the moving of the long-buried Danish Rubjerg Knude Lighthouse away from drifting sand on runners.

DBIA Lodge 29 donated over 600 lbs of food valued at approximately $1,000 to Hopelink, serving homeless and low-income families, children, seniors and people with disabilities in King and Snohomish counties in the state of Washington. Nicely done, Seattle!

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Sherrie Mcgregor, Ph.D. (Everyday Health)

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