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On this page we've outlined and linked some of the information contained on the site that is most relevant to you.

Online Chapter Activity Tracking System

Use this tracking form for each of your chapter activities throughout the year. The form will be submitted automaticfally to the Home Office and the Fraternal Department will start a file just for your camp or lodge and track your events, hours and members & nonmembers participating in your activities. At the end of the year, you will not have to complete the Annual Report/Survey as the information has been compiled and tabulated for your chapter throughout the year.

Chapter Annual Reporting 

District Annual Reporting 

Fraternal Year in Review 2020

the fraternal link newsletter for chapter leaders. Click Here for past issues.

Life Assured member magazine. Click Here for past issues.

Growth  Ring Matching Gift Program
Direct your individual benefit members to our Growth Ring Matching Gift Program

Chapter Web Assistance Program
Active Chapters or Districts in good standing are eligible to request up to $200 per year in financial assistance towards a chapter or district website.


Request Form  

Chapter Rituals
Click Here for a packet of Chapter Rituals for your use in operating your chapter and its meetings.

Chapter Model Bylaws
The Model Chapter Bylaws are for use in amending chapter bylaws or establishing chapter bylaws for your local chapter. If your chapter has its own bylaws, make sure the home office has a copy for its files.

District Model Bylaws
The Model District Bylaws are for use in amending district bylaws or establishing district bylaws for your district. If your district has its own bylaws, make sure the home office has a copy for its files.

Member Benefits Booklet
A summary of member benefits including insurance and fraternal benefits available

ALA Chapter Social Member Application

DBIA Chapter Social Member Application


Facts on Aging

Per Sherrie Mcgregor, Ph.D. (PsychCentral), exercise programs do generally produce improvements, often dramatic ones, even among very elderly participants. For example, one researcher reported that 80-year olds and 90-year olds who had completed a 10-week strength-training program showed more than a 100 percent increase in their strength, and significant increases in their walking speed and stair climbing ability.
Sherrie Mcgregor, Ph.D. (PsychCentral)

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